Small Chest Tattoos for Females

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This is much more common in men, but women also like to highlight this area of their body with a good skin art, taking care of course the delicate area of the breasts, but taking advantage of the central point where it could look very attractive a simple design as a tribal symbol or flowers that make a sensual call to caress and sensuality.

 Small Chest Tattoos for Females

Chest tattoos upper area woman

Chest tattoos upper area woman

Among the least expected drawings for tattoos on the woman's chest, are those that pretend to be part of the skin or part of a garment, which begin at the shoulders or throat and go down to the area between the breasts, where Find a very erogenous point for them. However, the designs can be as varied as there are fish in the sea, and there are large or small ones.

The most tattooed area

It is very common to see tattoos Just above a breast, it does not matter if the right or the left, but it is visible in the neckline of the blouse. You can show off a small heart, a name or a signature, a butterfly with pastel wings or a star. There have also been ties and even letters, which correspond to the initial own, of a child or of the couple. Another very particular design is to tattoo the footprints of the newborn child's feet, as a symbol of mother's love and of the memory of that moment when she brought him to the world.

Large chest tattoos for women
Currently the most fashionable women's chest tattoos can be a corset just below the chest as you can see in the following images

Chest tattoos for women under the chest

Woman chest tattoos under the breasts
Woman chest tattoos under the breasts

The religious symbols on the chest

Like in the chest of the man, the girls usually paint themselves tattoos with a religious figure, but in his case, the most common figure is the Virgin Mary in any of his invocations or at least his silhouette, just as men tattoo themselves face of Jesus on his left side. Others take advantage of the intermediate area of the breasts and upper abdomen, to tattoo a large format image of Christ.

religious breast woman tattoos

The skin of the chest to tattoo

This area is wide, both in men and women, only that the females have less space since they try to avoid touching the breasts, although there are those that do not keep that kind of limitations and dare to tattoo them, including in the delicate skin of the breast or nipple glands, where they include designs such as flowers, ripples and even fake bras.

The rest of the pectoral area has a slightly denser and stronger skin, and is a good recipient of pigments. The space can be very well taken advantage of by the tattoo artist to create an elegant design, according to the person of course. This is where white ink tattoos are recommended, because when wearing pronounced necklines and discovering the abdominal area, they will look perfect under the effects of lights.

Best Tattoos on the chestfor Women

chest woman phoenix tattoos

There are designs that fall in love

At the top, above the breasts and before reaching the neck, shoulder to shoulder is a perfect place for a large tattoo. This is where those long strings of flowers or simulations of chokers are designed, which include decorations with roses and shields on the tattoos on the chest. The shields can have faces, scrolls, flower ornaments and geometric figures that occupy this entire area, highlighting a center that can look like a small animal, an insect, perhaps a butterfly or even a special symbol for the person.

Small Chest Tattoos for Females

Some tend to put the signature or name of a loved one right at this point, including the photograph of their children, their partner or even their parents. However, designs that represent rebellion and freedom predominate in this type of tattoos. Now, messages of short phrases accompanied by an elegant figure or tender as a heart, a star or a flower, are also in fashion.

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