Popular Dragon Tattoos Design For Men and Women

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What dragons symbolize? Protagonists of legends for thousands of years, dragons are symbols of strength , life and wisdom. The dragon is respected and feared in the Eastern tradition and the West. The dragon is a legendary creature is depicted as a huge reptile or snake with wings. It is in the mythology of many cultures of the ancient Vikings to Chinese culture. Dragon tattoos are more common in men by the meanings that the dragon is associated, however, also tattooed women, especially in the back.

Dragon Tattoos Design

Symbolism of the Dragon Tattoos

The dragon is associated with several meanings and emotions. Courage, strength , courage, magic, mystery. Dragons are symbols to represent all elements. Fire , water, earth and wind. The Dragon is associated with the guardian or sentinel secret treasures and legend appears in many stories the dragon as a guardian of a treasure. The wisdom of the dragon is associated with their ability to fly from the highest peaks and down in the dark caverns .

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Among the traditions about dragons are two, the European dragon and oriental dragon.

The European Dragon

In ancient Greece the dragon mentioned in the Iliad Agamemnon. He is described as a large animal blue with three heads. Other books, such as Claudio Eiano account as dragons were hunted elephant and lived. In European culture, and Celtic dragon is present. They are often represented live in underground burrows or rivers, they are designed with wings, but rarely in the legends described them fly.

Dragons in European culture are symbols that caused desolation foreboding or bad announcing an exception to the Red Dragon of Wales .

In Slavic mythology the dragon is mainly present in the Belarusian Romanian and Polish folklore. Dragons Slavs usually have three heads and spit fire.

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Dragons tattoos for men and women as popular in european, japannese and world.

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