Swallow Tattoo Design

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A swallow tattoo has become fashionable for a couple of years ago. People are attracted to old school aesthetics and pretty colors but few know what it really means. And the truth is that there are stories to give and take.

During World War II many American sailors began to tattoo symbols that were important to them. A group of them worked on a ship called 'Swallow' (swallow) and decided a swallow tattooed on his chest after the ship. Since then, the swallow means loyalty and love.

The origins of the swallow tattoo date back to a ship called The Swallow. A swallow was tattooed on the chest of seven of the crew members because they staged a mutiny and had to recognize each other.

From then on, the swallow was used as a design to show of sailing skills and experience. Traditionally, the more swallow tattoos a sailor had on his chest, the more experience he had. Usually a swallow was tattooed for every five thousand nautical miles the sailor has traveled.

Swallow Tattoo Design 

Swallow Tattoo for men
br />br /> Another possible meaning is that for every 5,000 nautical miles sailors who plied a small swallow that gave them good luck tattooed. The legend grew up that many sailors decided to tattoo the bird simply to bring good luck had run those miles or not. This belief that swallows provided good luck comes from ancient Egypt, where it was a much admired animals kept as it was believed that the souls of the one who died.

Here is one story of the origin of the swallow tattoo: there was a ship named the swallow, the men had a mutiny and the original seven mutineers had swallows tattooed on them so that they could identify each other. Out of this, two things happened:
  •     The authorities heard of this identification and searched for the seven sailors who got swallows.
  •     Their friends got swallows tattooed on them and lied about being one of the original seven to throw the authorities off the right trail.
Swallow Tattoo Design

Swallow Tattoo on foot

Swallow Tattoo 3D

Swallow Tattoo in neck

Swallow Tattoo for women on foot

Swallow Tattoo Design

To a sailor the swallow means a "safe return home". Seeing a swallow is the "first tsign that land is near." Swallows are known to travel far distances out to sea during migration and would rest on boats close to shore which gave early mariners the first sign that land was indeed close by. The horizon is 12 miles from a boater's standpoint in the ocean (more if higher up) and swallows fly further then 12 miles out. The swallow is also known as a sparrow and was worn by the famous pirate "Jack Sparrows". 

Beyond the American sailors, tattoos of swallows have another story of loyalty and beautiful love. This bird is one of the most faithful. Once you find your perfect match is not separated from it in his life, finds his soul mate forever.

So if you like tattoos of swallows already have several meanings to choose from and many styles to customize your tattoo besides the old school.

Swallow Tattoo for women

Tattoos of two swallows together represents soul mates, joined for life. The swallow chooses a mate for life, that makes is an international love symbol. Another symbol for the swallow is loyalty to family. These designs also bear other rich meanings like victory, overcome and survive; but most of the time, they mean something special for the person that wears such a design.

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