Disney Character Tattoos - Spectacular and Amazing Tattoos Photos

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Visionary, persevering, talented and optimistic, Walter Elias Disney was a man outside and ahead of his time. He was responsible for the creation and production of the first and colorful of the Snow White cartoons and the Seven Enanitos, as well as taking the category of cinema screens with Mary Poppins. Born creator, he devised many famous personalities to this day such as Donald Duck, Zé Carioca, Pinocchio, Bambi and the couple of Minnie and Mickey Mouse - the mascot and icon of the Walt Disney Company.

His life motto was "Keep going", and that was what motivated him to design Disneyland Park, in 1955. Based only on the characters in his films, Walt Disney shaped his enchanted world and made the story of fairies Size of success motivated him to create a new theme park for Walt Disney World, in Orlando. However, he could not accompany the conception of his dream until the end as he died in 1966.

Today, Walt Disney inspires and motivates you to always believe in the realization of dreams, despite the obstacles. His legacy and the empire are proof that everything is possible. And, for those who identify with the forerunner of their time, nothing better than ending one of their charismatic characters. There are people who identify with the adorable villains like Ursula, the Evil Queen, Cruella. Others prefer icons that are fun and full of personality such as Stitch, Scrat, Mike Wazowski.

Disney Character Tattoos, Cute and Amazing

There are no limits to illustrate your favorite character! Before, check out our gallery special 80 amazing suggestions and amazing tattoos inspired by the Disney characters, and look for the inspiration you need here to take your first step towards realizing your dream:

The Ursula combines perfectly with the blue tone and its variants

ursula the disney villain Tattoos

 Victor van dort, the corpse groom

Victor van Dort Disney Tattoos

High adventures in heaven!

High adventures in heaven disney character

Mix several elements and distinguish your tattoo!
mickey mouse Disney tattoos

The most radiant, beautiful and charismatic mermaid

The Little Mermaid tattoos disney

 The adorable Dalmatians who live in your foot!
One Hundred and One Dalmatians disney tattoos

 Contour stitch with watercolor tones

Lilo and Stitch color disney tattoos

 Shall we stir with the friendly Donald duck?

Donald duck color tattoos

 The majestic and cold elsa queen

Elsa the Snow Queen frozen tattoos

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